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Our Vision

Reimagining Change As A Path To Growth

Organizations need a purposeful change management approach that directly addresses the different needs and challenges of employees and leaders alike. Our vision is to maximize engagement while mitigating the risks of change saturation. For change to land and last, we aim to focus on cultivating the cultures and mindsets that champion change as a path to growth.

Together we will work to plan, build and deliver proven methods to solve your business challenges. For change to last, our founder, Henry Colón, will partner with you to transform how your organization engages leaders and employees — helping you encourage people to think and act differently while getting everybody excited about the change.


Our Leadership

Henry Colón

Principal Consultant 


Organizational Change Management Practitioner and Architect, HR Business Partner, Business Transformation Consultant, Agile, IT/IM Digital Transformation Expert, and Principal Consultant at Lighthouse Consulting, LLC with a solid track record of exceeding the execution of client deliverables to meet and exceed performance metrics, while reducing cost through collaboration with senior leadership and management. Certified Agile / Change Management Practitioner with expertise in aligning change initiatives to business objectives.

Diana Colón

Practice Manager / Associate Consultant

Diana Pic.jpg

Business Management, Process Consulting, Non-Profit Organizations, and Healthcare Industry Professional with experience designing and managing fast-paced office operations and support services. Strong organizational and communication skills with the ability to lead and direct multiple business environments.

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